Mikko Resolutions | Declutter

by Melanie Guilbault

“The heart of essentialism isn't about asking how little we can live with,
but determining what we simply cannot live without.
- Kinfolk, The Essentials Issue
So it's a new year and that means a new you, right? Okay, maybe not quite, but only a few weeks into January, 2016 has got us thinking about belated resolutions that are simple & easy and make life a little better. For the next three weeks, we'll be featuring our favorite tips for your everyday. Up this week are Mikko owner Liz's best tips for decluttering your home. Let's just say we've been inspired by Kinfolk's The Essential Issue. Here's an excerpt from article featured in Issue Sixteen, available here online:
"Without the guiding discrimination of our inner voices, our lives can be filled randomly with things that may be generally good, but not the best. A cultivated selectivity can transform plain objects into relics of our life story. Our personal relationship to items gives them significance, an essence that goes beyond their physical properties. Perhaps the ratty paper in our wallet is actually a scrap from a once-visited abbey in Ireland, a reminder to always adventure. Or the random accumulation of hand lotions at our desk is more about our attention to self-care than a product fetish. We might keep an item out of sentiment, to better equip us for life or simply because we just like having it around. Whatever our motivations, this often illogical but honest act of curation humanizes our existence." (The Essential Non-Essentials, Issue 16, Kinfolk Magazine)



Refresh your home with a biodegradable all-purpose cleaner made from essential oils like antidepressant and hypotensive ylang-ylang. It'll keep your space clean and smelling fresh. and the essential oil can do wonders for naturally overcoming stress and anxiety.


Keep your kitchen counters clear of items you don't use daily. Stick to the essentials. Nothing else.


Knick-knacks don't always have to be bad. Let's be honest, they're not always so easy to do away with. So, make them beautiful by storing them in stackable glass canisters that will look beautiful on your shelves.



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