Welcome to Mikko's Lifestyle Blog

by Danielle Poirier

Mikko espresso & boutique welcomes you to experience our lifestyle blog. Here you will find the elegant fusion of our passion for espresso, lifestyle goods, and design products. We are a coffeehouse that prides itself on the precisely crafted espresso, as well as a boutique where one can admire locally sourced food: all the while surrounded by a selection of carefully curated products.

At Mikko the craftsmanship we present, from a perfectly pulled shot of espresso to the quality of our must-have, household design objects, and lifestyle items stand up to the test of time.

Our products are inspired by the marriage of the refined tastes of the Nordic way of life and every day Japanese design objects. From the incomparable Japanese designed linen products by Fog Linen, to the versatile washable paper home products by the Italian company Uashmama, to the seductive smells of Montreal’s soy candle company Ville-Marie, you will find yourself inspired to make yourself a home, or offer a unique quality gift to that special someone.

Mikko invites you to explore our elegant, quality, earth conscious selection of lifestyle boutique items, curled up in the comfort of your own home. Shop our online store and you will find us from here to your door, in no time.


Pictures by: Sonia Primerano Photography.