Avo on Toast

by Danielle Poirier

Avocado on toast is the bread and butter, no, the peanut butter and jelly of all time. Whether it is presented on our menu or in your kitchen, it is consistent in being a simple and fresh Australian café staple. Mikko feeds your appetite with quality basics; allowing you to feel satiated with thick satisfying slices of toasted bread, a generous bed of greenery, the saltiness of feta, and the both healthy and satisfying monounsaturated fats of avocado. We present our avocado on toast with a renewed freshness for your palate with the help of Zoe cold pressed basil olive oil. Avo on toast is no longer avo on toast, but a coming home to the simple but elegant marriage of rich and fresh full-bodied flavors. A coming home to New Zealand, Australia, or any of the other influences you will find at Mikko.

From our table to yours.

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Mikko’s Avocado on Toast Ingredients

2 slices of toasted flaxseed bread

Generous amount of arugula

1 tbsp of feta cheese

½ sliced avocado

Ground pepper

1 tsp Zoe basil extra virgin olive oil

Photos by Melanie Guilbault