KiouKiout at Mikko

by Danielle Poirier

As is true with our current change of seasons, our home decos or gift ideas follow the softness of spring. At Mikko we recommend a healthy dose of cuteness from one of our very own Montreal designers. KiouKiout is a company that designs and produces stuffed animals suitable for both kids and babies, as they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. All of the items are produced here in Montreal using solely natural materials such as bamboo, corn stuffing, or organic cotton in the creation of their products. Kioukiout approaches the design of eco-friendly stuffed animals with a minimalistic and refined cuteness using gentle blues, purples, and greys for their palette of colours.



Apart from teddies, KiouKiout also creates wreaths of hearts and stars made of natural wool. These make a delicate wall, crib, or window accent.



KiouKiout made the scandi inspired ‘Friends of Forest’, squirrel, fox, and rabbit teddies with extra love for our very own Mikko babies. Kioukiout knows, as we do at Mikko, since babies have to wait to experience the joy of a perfectly pulled espresso, we give them plush toys to fill the void.



Their newest additions to our collection, the stuffed drops and cloud, were hand-made yet again from Mikko to you. Raindrops are spring’s unsuspecting companions, and while the sun is so very kind don’t we all know it pays to snuggle up to the rain.


Shop online or visit our boutique to shop through more of KiouKiout’s collection.
Pictures by: Sonia Primerano Photography