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Style Guide | Washable Paper Bags

Some of Mikko's favourite products are made from a seemingly delicate material - paper. They're called Uashmama; washable paper bags, handmade in Italy, that look and feel like leather. We think they're pretty special and though we'd show you just how versatile they really are!

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Inspiration | Guide to the Weekend

Rumour has it this weekend is meant to be a beauty so we decided take a mid week pause to bring you a little photo inspiration for the sunny days ahead. Whether spending the day solo with a good book or magazine, or heading to the park or Sandy Beach with some friends, swing by Mikko for a lovely little coffee and a treat to make the afternoon a true delight.

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Kinfolk's Creative Escape

With spring settling in quite nicely, and much faster than most of us had expected, our weeks sprinkled with days that would make you believe we’re deep into summer, we thought we’d seek out some design inspiration to match the season. Kinfolk, “a slow lifestyle magazine published by Ouur that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family.” ( is a staple at Mikko and a brilliant inspiration for much of what we do. Their current issue, available in store, features a lovely article titled “A Creative Escape” that provided the perfect creative spark for bringing that spring feeling into your home. 

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