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Style Guide | Washable Paper Bags

Some of Mikko's favourite products are made from a seemingly delicate material - paper. They're called Uashmama; washable paper bags, handmade in Italy, that look and feel like leather. We think they're pretty special and though we'd show you just how versatile they really are!

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Welcome to Mikko's Lifestyle Blog

Mikko espresso & boutique welcomes you to experience our lifestyle blog. Here you will find the elegant fusion of our passion for espresso, lifestyle goods, and design products. We are a coffeehouse that prides itself on the precisely crafted espresso, as well as a boutique where one can admire locally sourced food: all the while surrounded by a selection of carefully curated products. At Mikko the craftsmanship we present, from a perfectly pulled shot of espresso to the quality of our must-have, household design objects, and lifestyle items stand up to the test of time. Our products are inspired by...

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