The Shinola Story

by Melanie Guilbault

As whispers of a new school year permeate your mind, we’ve got a myriad of colorful notebooks to set you up before September rolls around. We’ve been carrying Shinola products for awhile now and it’s safe to say we swear by them.



Founded in 2011 in Detroit - Shinola is the brand behind the leather products and journals you’ve most likely seen at Mikko. Designing watches, bicycles, leather goods, apparel and stationery that are handcrafted and built to last, Shinola collaborates with American manufacturers, supporting local craftsmanship in the Detroit area.


Photos by Shinola

Rather than exporting production to other countries, we appreciate this company for their commitment to creating jobs locally in the US, building a community of people that can be proud of their work. And, a little fun fact for you, Shinola is in fact pronounced Sh-eye-nola, the name being a nod to the former Shinola shoe polish company that operated back in the early and mid 20th century.



Shinola collaborates with a family-owned company to produce their journals and notebooks. With a century of tradition, Edwards Brothers Malloy is well-known for high quality production, and its use of domestic, sustainably-cultivated sources for its paper.


How Shinola journals are made


Journals & paper goods - Ann Arbor, MI from Shinola on Vimeo.