Natural Hand Dyed Bean Bag Bears


Eco friendly, plant dyed bean bag bears.

A gently weighted sensory toy. It makes a soft rustling sound when you shake it and perfectly squishy to squeeze as a fidget toy or for sensory regulation. Soft and fun for babies to explore, but also fits nicely in the hand of bigger people.

Made of soft cotton velour, with hand embroidered details and moderately filled with poly pellets.

The pink one was dyed using avocado skins and seeds and the yellow with turmeric and tea. All natural dyes that are non-toxic or harmful to humans and the earth. There may be some inconsistency and variations in colour, but part of the natural beauty and uniqueness of hand dying. Colours may fade with time.

To prolong the colour of your bear, hand wash in cold water, air dry out of direct
Materials: Cotton velour, poly pellets

Measures about 4.5" x 2.75"

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