Prelude Gold Hoops Earrings


The Prélude Hoops earrings will create a modern and fashionable look. The small knot brings an airy touch to this feminine and timeless jewel. Those earrings are designed to be worn all the time, day and night. Also called sleepers earrings, there are not post to stab you when you sleep making those very comfortable. Perfect for your second or third piercing. Be gentle as they are very delicate. A trick to place them, gently open and twist the hoop open side-to-side. Slide them in you hole. So light, you will forget you have them on! Designed and made in Montreal, Canada.

Material: 10k Yellow Gold

Diameter – 16 mm (0.63″)
Thickness – 1 mm (0.04″)

Finished: polished

*Sold as a pair*

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