Confit d'Onion à la Bière


Being literally in love with the beautiful beers made by our Quebec brasseries, it was obvious that there was a need to develop a beer onion confit! In collaboration with the Dunham Brewery, Les Minettes made a confit of onion with their Grisette beer, a delectable product they developed with the Oenopole wine agency!
Ingredients: yellow onions [Qc] • Dunham's Grisette beer, Dunham's Brewery [Qc] • dill pickles & garlic [Qc] • dried cranberries • extra virgin olive oil • apple cider vinegar [Qc] • butter [Qc] ] • Cortland apples [Qc] • organic sugar • apple juice [Qc] • Apple jelly, Les Minettes [Qc] • dill [Qc] • salt & pepper
250 ml
Made in Quebec.

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