Black Taper Candle Duo


Made in Denmark by family business Ester & Erik, these two elegant black candles measure a stately 42cm in height. Non-drip and made using a traditional hand-dipping candle technique, this undeniably stylish pair will burn bright long into the night.

The lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any occasion a special one.  Traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making. Hand-dipped candles can burn up to 8 hours without a spill. 

The self-extinguish candles with a long and steady burn, no dripping of wax when placed away from drafts. Conically shaped in the bottom so they fit most candlesticks. Handmade, long, lean and with the thin elegant point.

Sold individually as a single candle.

Height: 42 cm - 8 hours

Made in Denmark.



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