Cashew Coffee Butter



With just five ingredients, this cashew coffee butter will most certainly give you the caffeine kick you are looking for. There are many ways to enjoy it, but you may as well eat it straight from the jar. It is that good.

The coffee beans are proudly sourced from our all time favourite roaster in Montreal: DISPATCH. Partnering up with like-minded producers has always been near and dear to us, so when it came time to choosing a coffee roaster to work with, DISPATCH was an obvious choice. Not only are their coffee beans incredible, but their desire to make high quality and responsibly sourced coffee easier to access, is simply remarkable. Also, we love how they promote the farmers and co-ops from whom they source their beans. We are thrilled to partner up with them on what might be known as your newest morning addiction!

Ingredients : organic roasted cashew, Dispatch coffee bean, organic maple sugar, pink salt.

Made in Montreal, Qc.


Logan Petit Lot make the most delicious nut butters possible without compromise on the quality of ingredients. We strive to create unique flavours and textures that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Clean ingredients, ecological, small-batch production, responsible producers and vegan.

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