Hold Fast Card


Never be afraid of storms. Hold Fast is a designer stationery that reminds to you keep clinging to your hope. It features a handsome drawing of two clenched hands, with the letters 'HOLD FAST' tattooed on the fingers. A few other symbols are marked on the arms, such as a blooming rose and a flying sparrow, which have emblems of passion and courage. When someone you love is going through a hardship, convey strength through your presence, and support, through this one-of-a-kind print.

Our encouragement blank cards feature illustrated covers that symbolises courage, hope and love. Use this to inspire a friend, a family member or a colleague during those tough times. When words are not enough, perhaps art will speak through. More of these cards are available when you check out our store.

105mm x 148mm, Uncoated Paper, Made in NZ.

Shipped with envelope.

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