Palette de Bine Chocolat


This chocolate is made in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant, with beans selected, roasted, cracked, wimmowed, refined, conched, aged, tempered, molded and wrapped by hand.  
Winner of international chocolate awards Americas 2016, Gold and Bronze. 
Winner of the Academy of Chocolate 2016, Gold and Bronze.
  • Pérou Marañon 70%: tasting notes : blueberry and lemon
  • Haïti Pisa 70%: tasting notes : fig, tart cherry and lightly roasted nuts
  • Guatemala Lachua 85%: tasting notes : fruity, raspberry
  • Équateur Camino Verde 85%: tasting notes : definitively roasted hazelnut
  • Tanzanie Kokoa Kamili 72%: tasting notes : red fruits, plum and light chocolate/brownies batter notes.
  • Belize Maya Mountain 72%: tasting notes : dried fig, pineapple and honey
  • Bolivie Wild Harvest 70%: tasting notes : nuts, honey and brown fruits
  • République Dominicaine Öko Caribe 75%: tasting notes : mocha coffee and citrus
  • Vietnam 72%: tasting notes: spices, cinnamon and floral



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