A6 Blank Notebook


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Simplicity itself – A notebook purely for writing.

This notebook is created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with 16 pages of paper folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine. This book-binding method ensures that the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. This method was adopted to achieve ultimate writing comfort, ensuring that the notebook opens fully 180 degrees. Writing in an MD Notebook is stress-free, from start to finish.

The blank notebook is the ideal format for writing down ideas freely as they come to you, or even using a double page as a canvas for your thoughts.

All MD Notebooks come with index label stickers designed to match the simple and pure cover, which is bound only with a cheesecloth mesh tape.

On two stickers we have printed the words IDEA and DIARY, which are most often used. The remaining stickers are left blank for you to use yourself. The stickers can be used to securely fix the bookmark string in the upper corner of the notebook.

  • Size: H148×W105×D10 mm
  • Weight: approx.134 g
  • Inner paper: 176 pages
  • Cover: Paraffin paper
  • Specifications: Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding

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