Bona Drip Kettle


A traditional enamel tea kettle with substantial weight and an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to pour with ease. This kettle is equipped with many features that will make your tea experience noticeably better such as a wide pour spout (allows more air to be present in the water you are pouring resulting in "jumping of the leaves" which is essential in good tea brewing), a built in flow restrictor and the benefits of an enamel pot (steel coated in glass giving you nice aesthetics along with the absence of a metal taste). Can be used on any heat surface including induction!


Camping-style enamelled steel kettle
Gooseneck spout for precision pouring
Comfy teak wood handle
800 mL practical capacity, max capacity around 1.4 L
Vented lid with button lock
Two-tone enamel design



Enamelled steel body, stainless steel handle, teak wood accents



7" H × 5.5" W × 11" L

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