Brazil Juquinha - Coffee Bean



Tasting notes: Stone fruit, kiwi, vanilla

Origin: Brazil
Region: Maria da Fe, Minas Gerais
Farm: Juquinha, Ivan Prado de Melo
Plant variety: Yellow Catuai, Yellow Catucai
Plantation altitude: 1200 meters
Processing method: Natural
Harvested in: 2019-2020

Forget everything you thought you knew about Brazilian coffees! This is a truly exceptional coffee with complexity you would not normally expect from Brazil.

Roseane, Ivan's wife, and her brother Weder inherited the farm along with three other siblings. When they inherited the farm it was growing soy, corn and beans but they decided to switch to coffee when their father passed away in 2015. They are very careful about fertilizer use, always analyzing the soil and studying the right way to treat the soil. After harvest they removed all refuse on the ground to prevent broca. The soil is very rich. They analyse the soil every year and use natural fertilizers and organic methods as much as possible. The farm is 10 ha divided into 11 plots.  The three farmers researched coffee at the beginning and decided to invest in specialty which meant building African beds, investing in the soil analyses and maintenance, lot separation and careful processing. This trio are new producers with a great attitude. Ivan worked for a German company making car parts as a quality assurance manager, and he applies the same principles to coffee. 


Each bag contains 340 grams (12 ounces) of whole beans. Don't have a grinder? Let us know and we can grind your beans to any method. 


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