Chemin Verdon Mirabel - Maple Syrup


Chemin Verdon Mirabel maple syrup (Southern Quebec) is a dark syrup with tasting notes of vanilla.

An inheritance that the 5th generation of this family honours with its greener practices. The fertile soil of the Lower Laurentiens gives this exceptional syrup its vanilla notes and great finesse.

Winner of a Grand Gold 2018 medal
awarded by the Commanderie de l'érable

The sweet water flowing through the ranks of Quebec is one of our most important natural resources. In discovering our sugar bushes, Nos Cabanes realized that there is not one, but many thousands of maple syrups in Quebec. Each has its history, its territory and its unique character. Bottled directly at the maple grove, Nos Cabanes reveals the great wealth of syrups from here and celebrates their origins and their differences.

Made in Quebec.

250 ml

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