Cloudy - Wool Cloud Doll

$45.00 $55.00

This is Cloudy. Yes it does have stripey legs and high top sneakers. It's different from all the other clouds, but proud to be a bit silly, a little unusual and very much its ownself.

It's also not just a doll - it can be hung as decor by the hangtag on the back.

Made with recycled wool and cotton, with wool yarn laces, and stuffed with polyester filling. All materials were washed prior to construction, so it's all clean and ready to go.

Grey in merino wool with two-tone merino stripe legs

Each one is handmade and one of a kind.

The body measures 10" wide and 7" high, with the legs 6" long.

Hand wash is preferable, but can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, reshape then air dry, no dryers please!
Materials: Recycled wool, recycled cotton, polyester filling

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