Corsé Magazine Vol.3


Here is Vol.3 - Women in the Coffee Industry.

Corsé, meaning 'full-bodied', is the reference in specialty coffee in Quebec. It's a hundred pages that cater to both experts and coffee lovers and will make you fall in love with this comforting universe. Corsé presents you with different extraction techniques, portraits of baristas, coffee shops and roasters, as well as the science and stakes behind quality coffee.

Everything started with a passion for coffee. Drinking, of course, but also to discover the universe that surrounds it. Long before you could taste your latte in one of our beautiful independent cafes, a farmer picked the coffee cherries, a roaster chose them for roasting, and then a barista ground them for an espresso.

That's exactly the idea behind Corsé Magazine: to make you discover everything behind your favorite latte.

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