Garçonnière Cotton Rope Soap


Our cotton rope soaps are finely crafted hand + body soaps with a built-in loop made of natural 100% unbleached cotton rope. With their premium made in Canada rope loop, these vintage style soaps are convenient to use and easy to hang between uses. They look great hanging in a kitchen or washroom. Clark & James soaps are made from a glycerin and vegetable oil soap base and are completely vegan. These bars are large, long-lasting, lather abundantly and are gentle on skin. Each bar weighs 230 g/8.1 oz and comes wrapped in clear cellophane.
‘Garçonnière’, French for bachelor pad, is a reminder from a time of evening cocktail parties for the urban gentleman. This scent is inspired by a classic gin & tonic, with notes of juniper, rosemary, ginger and a hint of fresh lime.

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