Terme Manico Large - Orca


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Introducing our ‘Vegetale’ collection, fashion that makes you feel good on the inside and out. 
A plant based range free of leather. Leather free for us does not mean less, our hero has always been our paper so we present this collection for the paper purest. 
A sophisticated design for our Terme Manico to rival our handbag. 
It comes in variety of color. Detachable paper strap.
No pockets inside.


100% Organic

W 22 x D 7 x H 15 cm / W 8.5 x D 2.75 x H 6 inches

Product care:

Handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry flat. 
On occasion there can be very small imperfections found in the metallic paper they are minor and do not effect the strength of the paper. 
It is normal for the metallic paper to crease and mark with wear, the intention is for the paper to become more like a foil. This is characteristic of the metallic paper, it is not a fault.


Made in Tuscany, with love.

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