Charcoal Scrub Cloth


Detoxify yourself and scrub away the grime with this charcoal infused scrub towel made with gentle exfoliating fibers to refresh and revitalize your body. Made of a soft cotton material, that is woven with high performance polyester fibres that are blended with ultra-fine Binchotan charcoal powder, this luxurious towel provides you with all the benefits of Binchotan charcoal.

By burning oak branches until they are red hot and then rapidly cooling them, artisans in the Kishu region of Japan have been making Binchotan Charcoal for centuries. Binchotan charcoal is known to have a multitude of beneficial properties. Not only does it absorb odours, but it can remove toxins and excess oil from the skin. 

Materials: 50 % cotton. 50 % polyester

Dimensions: 9" X 40" 

Made in Japan

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