Natural Deodorant


Thinking of making the switch to a natural deodorant, here are my top 3 reasons to make the change:

Aluminum free recipe - Aluminum is the active ingredient in antiperspirants to prevent you from sweating but did you know it’s a known neurotoxin that has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Won't clog your pores - Antiperspirants work by swelling and squeezing sweat glands closed to prevent perspiration, this means that sweat builds up beneath the skin. This can cause bumpy skin and painful irritation. If you have bad razor burn or irritated armpits, definitely consider making the switch

Say goodbye to odor & pit stains - Since natural deodorants don’t block pores, that good bacteria keeps working, meaning less odor even when you’re not wearing any deodorant. When underarm sweat, skin bacteria and antiperspirant react, ugly yellow pit stains form, with a natural deodorant your white shirts are safe
Each bar weighs 2 oz 
Handmade in Hudson, Qc.

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