Onion Confit - Cranberry and Stout


This onion confit is made with Stout Imperial beer and organic blueberries from Lac St-Jean.

With a creamy texture, Chouape's Stout Impérial black beer brings a spicy coffee taste and finally a note of cranberries that will prove a perfect complement to your meats and cheeses. The result is absolutely divine. It melts in the mouth, pure happiness for the taste buds! This confit also goes well with patés and terrines.

 It is free of artificial colours and preservatives.

Ingredients:  Onions, cranberries, sugar, brown sugar, black beer Imperial Stout of the Chouapes, balsamic vinegar.
212 ml
Shelf life & Storage :  Can be kept up to 2 years at room temperature. Refrigerate once opened for 3 months.
Best before date is on the bottom of every product.
Made in Quebec

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