Reusable Brew Cup


Made from fully tempered soda lime glass, KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Made in Portugal, using waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold, and, over time it’s patina will tell the story of your use.

We recommend that you do not remove the band, even for washing. Hand wash and let the band dry on the glass.

Mikko is proud to be part of the reuse revolution. Based out of Australia, KeepCup is a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Brew is a take away vessel that represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains. KeepCup Brew allows consumers to take the café experience with them.

Available in 8oz or 12oz.

Included with the purchase is ONE FREE COFFEE voucher to use during your next coffee break.

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