Sokeri Birch Wood Breakfast Tray

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Sokeri means "Sugar" in Finnish and just like its name this pattern is an eye candy. This tray is made by Finnish Birch Veneer which is super durable (and dishwasher safe). Join the breakfast club with this beauty !

Kauniste is founded by a group of talented young Scandinavian designers and craftsman in Helsinki, Finland. They aims to combine the fresh design and screen printing and make product can be used and enjoyed for decades to come.

Sokeri is designed by Hanna Konola

Using water based, solvent free inks. They also use linen mix fabric as the linen makes the fabric durable, it absorbs well moisture and dries fast. Linen leaves practically no surplus waste in production, and its qualities only improve with time.

Size: 12" diameter 

Made in Finland

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